Do you want to know more about Social Entrepreneurship?


Social entrepreneurship is about creating value in your local community. You act on ideas that makes a different in your community.

The team behind Social Entrepreneurship in Denmark has made it easier for you to make social projects. We have made an activity pack, which we really want to share with you.

You can find it on this link: The Activity Pack

With the Social Entrepreneurship activities, the Guides and Scouts will be introduced to generating ideas, the planning and execution of a project. There is a lot of activities in the pack, which makes it a great opportunitet for the Scouts and Guides to work with Social Entrepreneurship.

You can make all kinds of social projects, we have made a video, where two guides tell about their social project. Watch it: here

We hope you like the activity pack, and if you want to know more about Social Entrepreneurship you can  Follow us on FB or sent an E-mail to: