Keynote speakers

We look forward to sharing with you some great keynote speakers of high international format. The presentation will come when final arrangements are in place.

Keynote speakers will share their thoughts on “Power, Impact and Responsibility”.

Signe Marie Obel

Although Signe Marie Obel is only 26 years old and fairly newly elected to the WAGGGS World Board, she has more than six years of board experience. She was first elected to Board of the Danish Girl Guide and Scout Association in 2017. She was since re-elected twice. Signe Marie Obel leads with authenticity, and she is always true to herself. She inspires girls and young women to be true to themselves and stand up for themselves and people around them.

We have invited Signe Marie Obel (and Signe Gertz) to speak on how their experience within the Guide Movement has impacted how they see the world, especially focusing on how they apply power and responsibility with the voice they have been giving their roles.”

Signe writes about herself

Having been involved in guiding movement since for many years I was proud to be elected for the World Board of WAGGGS last summer.

For the past six years I have held board positions in my national guide organization and have been part of making it future-proof both economically and organisationally as well as through the development of a new strategy for the organisation.

Being elected for the first time at age 19 I have first-hand experience with being a young women in governance. I have experienced how having young women in leadership provide new and important perspectives to the board table.

As I am still young my professional career has developed in tandem with my engagement in guiding. This has provided me with unique experience that I can use to make a positive impact in my professional work as well.

I am excited to share my story with you at the OB-PS event this summer.

Pia Risør

Pia has always been a girl guide. Pia is dedicated to give girls and young women a voice, which she has done via The Green Girl Guides in Denmark. She has had many roles and responsibilities, a.o . as UN-delegate in 2019 representing The Danish Youth Council. She is a well-known name, and latest she has volunteered as Chief Girl Guide of The Green Girl Guides. She became a mother in 2022, while staying on as Chief Girl Guide and recently she has been elected to the Board of a Danish Pension Fund. Pia has thereby joined the new wave of women that demonstrate to girls and young women, that motherhood and ambitions can go hand-in-hand.

Pia Risør will speak together with Anne Sofie Bjerre on a Panel Discussion regarding Danish Girl Guide and Scout Movement, how it operates and how Girl Guiding has impacted her life.

Pia writes about herself

As a life-long girl guide I have experienced first hand what impact the core values of guiding and scouting can have on the girls in our movement and on the broader society.

A key learning I gained through my role as chief commissioner of The Green Girl Guides is that we limit our own potential for having an impact, if we fail to reach out and actively seek partnerships with other organisations.