The Social Innovation programme leverages the design for change method and the guiding method. The programme contributes to the mission of WAGGGS by directly enabling girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.

The aim of the Social Innovation activities is to give Guides and Scouts a fun and competence building experience. Social Innovation is to act on ideas together with others e.g. to develop and implement waste sorting activities with college students.
With the Social Innovation activities, the Guides and Scouts will be introduced to generating ideas, planning and carrying out a project.

From working with the Social Innovation programme Guides and Scouts gain:

  • Awareness of target groups and issues within their local community, as well as tools and experience from engaging with local community stakeholders
  • Learning and practicing concrete project management tools that may be used for multiple purposes in their guiding and life
  • The feeling of empowerment from being able to make a positive difference in their local community
  • A guiding toolkit for local groups in order to continue and further scale the social innovation program


With the activity pack we would like to invite more Guides and Scouts to work with Social Innovation. Social Innovation is to act upon own ideas in collaboration with others. Guides and Scouts will thus through working with developing Social Innovation projects be responsible for their own development – a core principle in Guiding and Scouting. Citizenship – or duty to others – is another fundamental principle in guiding and scouting, which is obtained through aiming at creating sustainable positive changes in the local community. Through the programme Guides and Scouts will be working with the Guiding and Scouting method and with an emphasis  on “learning by doing”, connecting with the world and others.

With a strong focus on the involvement and empowerment of Guides and Scouts, this activity pack wishes to draw attention to ways in which Guides and Scouts can contribute and make a positive impact  in their local communities whilst developing their own competencies. When empowering Guides and Scouts in the creative and decision making process they experience a great sense of ownership for the outcome.

Download activity pack in English here.

We are currently updating the material in the programme formerly known as Social Entrepreneurship programme.


Video about Social Innovation in a group activity (in Danish, you can add English subtitles when watching on Youtube.


You are more than welcome to contact us, if you want to hear more about the Social Innovation programme, have any questions or are interested in a training in the Social Innovation programme.

We look forward to hearing from you.